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25 key documents your family will need

The financial consequences of not having your documents in order can be significant. State treasurers hold about $33 billion in unclaimed bank accounts.

Most experts recommend creating a comprehensive folder of documents that one’s family can access in case of an emergency. I have a workable and deeply unoriginal idea to help your family do just that.

That idea involves breaking the project into various steps with just enough accountability built in.

My recommended 1st step is for you to send me an email — jorge@2thinkgood.com

Why Wi-Fi is not free, for now

Perception: Free Wi-Fi should be part of the benefits of staying at higher priced hotels.

Reality: Hotel companies offer free Wi-Fi [Wireless Fidelity?] at lower-cost properties because those hotels are generally newer which means the infrastructure was built to accommodate wireless access. They also usually have fewer rooms, so bandwidth needs are smaller.

A Wall Street Journal article examines how and why those policies are changing. Article is copied at end of post.
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